Welcome to the Burren Photography Website. Take Only Photographs, leave Only Footprints is something I firmly believe in. There is such a wealth of Beauty in the West of Ireland, in very vivid colour that many people unfortunately miss. Even though it appears to be grey, damp & misty all year around, at times the colour vividness can be stunning. It is at these moments I like to capture this vividness. The subsequent photos, is how I view the west of Ireland. ALL of the Photos on this website are as they were taken....None of them have been altered in Photoshop or other such programs.

I moved to Ireland in 2001, from my home town of Cheltenham, in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds. Of course, Cheltenham needs no introduction to the Irish, as it is the "Mecca" of Horse Racing. I was lucky enough to start Photography at a very early age, clicking away at everything, and soon became addicted. By the time I was in my mid-teens virtually all my photographs were of either Landscapes or Flora & Fauna. Today, nothing has changed, with the exception of Night Photography. You will not see people in my Photos, unless it was unavoidable. I guess I just prefer the "Natural" things.

A lot of people ask "What is the secret to taking a great Photograph"? Is it a fancy digital camera? Going to College or taking a locally run course? The answer, quite simply, is NO. People say it is being in the right place at the right time...I think it is more than that...I think it is knowing when to be in the right place at the right time...

You may be wondering why there is a menu heading "Spain"? Well, simply put, the scenery there is just spectacular and the photos you can get there are just too good not to have their own space here.